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Ive always had a green thumb! I am a diabetic and looking for a way to get healthy! I love greens but, I like them cooked for the most part and as you know when you cook vegetables they lose their nutrients! With Microgreens, they are mostly eaten raw like putting them in salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, juicing, garnish...etc!  (sometimes people cook with them) and studies have shown that the smaller greens have just as much if not more vitamins and nutrients than their mature counterparts! because they are more concentrated at this stage of growth! I started to grow them in my greenhouse and grew so many of them I thought, I have to share! When I started to work the local farmers market, I had discovered not many people know what these super greens are and yes I educate them and have them try some samples and now they want them all of the time! Unfortunately you can't find them at your local supermarkets cause by the time they go through the distributor and hit the shelves they're already a week old and if they are in a plastic container they will certainly be wilted!  Since the 1980s they have been used mostly in dishes in very high end restaurants and still used today for garnish! Look at the beautiful stems on some of these greens! And guess what? Most Microgreens on an average can be harvested in 2 weeks! Whoa!!! Some sooner, some up to a month depending on what they are! I like variety so we grow over 25 + different greens! We like to serve them fresh cut in front of you! Im always looking for ways to make them stay fresher longer and be more eco friendly on the packaging! Im looking forward to serving you, so please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or just to place an order! If you preorder you will always have a continuous supply of your favorite greens! 

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